Eau Claire Scrap & Salvage FAQs

Our staff has taken time to answer some of our most frequently asked questions for you. However, if you don't find your answer here, please contact us!

How far do you deliver dumpsters?

Cooley's offers dumpster rentals within a 40 mile radius of Eau Claire. However, if we will deliver beyond the 20 mile radius there will be an additional fee of $1/mile to and from your location.  Keep in mind that that there is a total of 4 trips to drop and pickup the dumpster therefore the mileage is multiplied 4 times.

Can you scrap a vehicle without a title?

We do prefer that you have the title for the vehicle, but if you do not we have you fill out a junk vehicle bill of sale when you come in. This form makes you the legal owner of the vehicle and are responsible for anything related to the vehicle and its past history.

What type of appliances do you accept?

We accept washers, dryers, and microwaves. We NO LONGER ACCEPT refrigerators, AC units, freezers, unless the units have had freon removed by a licensed tech in order to get paid for them. Proper paperwork must be shown to scale master. 

What items do you NOT take?

We do not accept any type of trash or garbage, TVs, computer monitors, tires, wood, plastic, motorhomes, campers, etc.

Do you pick up scrap? How about garbage?

Typically, if you have scrap or garbage that needs to be picked up, we can deliver a dumpster to you and you can load it yourself. We will pick it up when you are ready. For large amounts of scrap metal, we can arrange a pick up service – please contact us for details.

How Much are Catalytic Converters Worth & Do You Buy Them?

The price on Catalytic Converters is determined by what Year,  Make and Model vehicle it was removed from. We only Accept Catalytic Converters if you Junk the vehicle it was removed from on the same day or have  the Title & VIN #  and Proof of Ownership of the vehicle it was removed from.

Do you offer Weekly Residential Garbage Service?

No we do not offer weekly Residential Garbage service. We offer 10-40yd Dumpsters for a variety of uses. See our Dumpster services page for more info.

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